Villa Sicaminea Casa vacanze nel cuore del Salento

Villa Sicaminea Casa vacanze nel cuore del Salento


It is a quiet village in the South of Italy, surrounded by a countryside rich in olive trees, fig trees, almond trees and other plantations. It has got about 6000 inhabitants and belongs to a geographical and cultural area called "Greca Salentina". It comprises a group of villages which were ancient Greek colonies, where a heritage of the Greek colonization can be found in the local language called "Griko" tha is still spoken here. In Corigliano there are some places of historical and artistic interest, such as "St. Nicholas's Church", showing traces of Renaissance architecture, and The Castle - Castello de' Monti" - an imposing fortress rising in the very centre of the village, characterized by an extraordinary Baroque facade. It resisted the assault by the Turks in 1480.

About 16 kilometres far from Corigliano, this centre of historical, artistic and cultural interest is one of the most       
appealing resorts in “Salento”. Thousands of tourists and visitors in all seasons visit its numerous monuments,       
such as the famous Cathedral, whose mosaic flooring “The Tree of Life” is a masterpiece, or The Norman Castle.       
Otranto is on the Adriatic Sea and is surrounded by kilometres of wonderful coast-lines,       
large pine-woods and a clear sea.

It is the most Eastern town in Italy and is the place where the Adriatic and the Ionian seas meet. Its name derives
from the Greek word “leukos” meaning white, and refers to the characteristic white colour of its cliffs.
It is about 30 kilometres away from Villa Sicaminea.

At about 20 kilometres from Sicaminea, it is on the Ionian Sea, in the Gulf of Taranto. The old part of the town       
is divided from the new one by a bridge made of bricks. The historical centre lies on a calcareous islet and       
is rich in frescoes and old buildings. Not far from its coasts you can visit the "Pigeons Rock"       
and the Isle of St. Andrew, seat of a lighthouse built in 1866.

Corigliano d'Otranto


Santa Maria di Leuca


Santa Cesarea Terme

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